Best field trip ever: Going to the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition at the Kunsthal in Rotterdam. These are the days that I really love my school. But, then the everlasting question: What to wear? Mr Gaultier never asks himself this question. He only wears black, or his famous Breton stripe. If only my life was as easy as that. So today, I went for the easiest option as well: Breton stripes. All. Over.


My friends are throwing a theme-party tonight and the assignment was to dress up like a Johnny Depp Character. Which is obviously the most awesome theme ever! I really had a hard time choosing between the dandy-ish Willy Wonka and the 50's greaser "Cry-Baby". Turns out I'm more of a greaser after all...

Endless love

 Nothing feels better than those mornings where you get out of bed late, just look around, and immediately find that one perfect outfit that you've never worn before. Today was that day! 


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What was she wearing? | Margaret Thatcher

Today, April 8th 2013, the first female prime minister of England, Margaret Thatcher passed away. "The greatest prime minister England has ever known." 
I'm not so sure about that. But whether you like her political ideas or not, there's no denying about the fact that Mrs. Tatcher was and will always be, a style icon. Her black leather Asprey purse is by far the most famous accessory ever made, here's why...