My friends are throwing a theme-party tonight and the assignment was to dress up like a Johnny Depp Character. Which is obviously the most awesome theme ever! I really had a hard time choosing between the dandy-ish Willy Wonka and the 50's greaser "Cry-Baby". Turns out I'm more of a greaser after all...
I love wearing my hair in a quiff and I'm a sucker for hairspray so the greaser was actually an easy choice. Although I can't deny the fact that Wonka care's about his hair to, Remember the Hair-cream room, next to the room with whipped-cream and ice-cream.
I must admit it wasn't untill recently that I watched Cry-Baby for the first time after some-one recommended it to me. The 1990 movie is so totally random, funny and freakish at the same time that I thought it was even better than Grease, Hairspray, West Side Story and Rocky Horror all together! (It was some sort of combination of those four movies) And that means a lot, coming from my mouth. I can definitely recommend the movie to you guys!
The fifties greaser is the ultimate look of simplicity. I'm amazed every time how much one can achieve by wearing nothing but a pair of blue jeans and a plain white T-shirt. The look is so easy to rock you'll just have to find the right items.They'll have to be made of proper materials of course and the fit has to be perfect. 
Now the leather Jacket was my grandfather's. I got many items from his wardrobe and I love the fact that he was such a stylish man. I'd like to think I honor him by wearing these pieces every once in a while. Plus the jacket is perfect for this look.

jacket - vintage
plain white t-shirt - WE
jeans - H&M
shoes - manfield

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