F.A.B. My guide to your style

That's right, my blog is now officially totally fab! I know right!? Fab must be the most awful tacky word ever, but it's perfect for my new project. Delivering my style onto your screen, to help you find your drive to the fashion maze of trends, traditions, shapes and colors.


This week's look isn't that special, it's more about the story behind the look. The woman in the picture is the world famous Brigitte Bardot

Midnight in Paris

I'm quite aware of the fact that I haven't posted so much lately. I've been very busy lately (mostly with enjoying the nice weather) and I must admit I've been a bit lazy when it comes to blogging. So here are some drawings I made recently. Check out some more and let me tell you what I've been doing past few days

Chanel cruise 2013

The latest Chanel show was hosted last monday at the palace of "Versaille" in France. The show with al the fountains in the old gardens is just amazing. The designs by Karl Lagerfeld were based on the 18th century Queen of France: Marie Antoinette. Therefor he emphasized on the hips, which was very common in those days. I'm predicting: we just found ourselves a whole new trend for the female figure for the upcoming decade.


Here's another lookbook look of me. I wanted to pay some attention to this little watch I got from my grandmother. It was once my grandfather's. I never actually met him, since he died before I was born, but I like to remember him by wearing this little timeless piece


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Here's my latest creation, my Musa-Pop poster. The poster I made for our schools semi-annual Pop-music event. I know it's a tad late, since the evening was hosted last friday but I didn't found the time to post about it earlier because I also wanted to include some photo's from the "making-of" my poster...


With all the fuss about Brad Pitt, I wanted to pay some attention to Angelina Jolie as well. Two weeks ago I saw "the Changeling" a movie, set in the 1920's. And ever since, I wanted to report about this look. So I thought: Now is the time.

Breaking news in the history of Fashion

For the first time in it's 90 years of existence, Chanel asked a male as the new face for their most famous fragrance ever. That's right, as announced yesterday, Brad Pitt is the new face of Chanel No. 5.

Anna Dello Russo for H&M

I'm very enthusiast about the new collaboration from H&M, this time with, blogger, style Icon, and Vogue Japan editor: Anna Dello Russo. Though she and I have a very different style. I love her!


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"De stijl" In style

These pictures are a sort of tribute to the group of artists who called themselves "De stijl". De stijl (Meaning: The Style) was a group that was well-known in the first part of the last century. They're famous for only using primary colors, black and white.