FAB | The small tricks to a handkerchief, the eternal debate

Me and my friend started a discussion yesterday, whether or not it was appropriate to carry a handkerchief. I'm the last one in our group of friends who's starting to get sick. Obviously there's nothing wrong with carrying a handkerchief. They're very convenient. In fact, every real gentleman should carry a proper clean white handkerchief at all times. The real question is: Is it okay to blow your nose in a non-disposable handkerchief?
Being in my current condition, I've already made sure there's box of tissues in every room in the house, but what to do when going out?
Many people say it's disgusting. Blowing your nose in a tiny cotton cloth, folding it up again, putting it back in your pocket. Your pocket will become one big humongous germ storage. Maybe they're right. It sounds rather dirty.
On the other hand, It's something I've always been used to. Ever since I was a kid my father has always had a handkerchief. The thing has always been there for me when I was little, to blow my nose, to dry my tears, to clean my face after a plate of spaghetti. I just don't know any different. And I know many people that are raised the same way when it comes to handkerchiefs.
I'll admit, a used handkerchief has to be changed into a new one, as soon as possible. They can't be used more than one day. One can never offer a filthy handkerchief to a lady. And please make sure they're white and crisp. Nobody likes brown-ish/grey-ish/blue-ish handkerchiefs, covered in stains. But other than that...
As soon as you start carrying a handkerchief, you'll find the handkerchief will come in very handy, on all sorts of occasions. (I remember knocking over my cappuccino on a first date. all. over. myself. I've never ever been so happy with my clean white handkerchief.) You'll look stylish, elegant, sophisticated. Plus you'll save the day whenever there's a damsel in distress.
What do you think? Are you a throw-away-tissue-type or the silk-sophisticated-handkerchief person? I'm very curious...

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