Get Lucky

As I was recently browsing through my looks on Lookbook I noticed the immense lack of bow-ties. That's rather strange, since I wear them so often, at least once a week. Even on holidays I couldn't leave them at home. This picture's taken in Barcelona where I've been on vacation last week (hence the period of absence last week.)
This bow-tie is just plain classic black, but I own many more. In my opinion every gentleman should at least own one bow-tie, preferably black or white. But I advise you to buy more because they're so cute and fun to play with. It's the perfect way to add that little something extra to your look. Too bad they look so sex-less. A hint of bow-tie can make one look quite dorky, but I love them nonetheless. Paired with simple black watch and a clean crisp blouse, you can't go wrong. I also love wearing them with shorts because it makes the whole outfit a little more in-formal. I was on a holiday so shorts were perfectly allowed. Besides, these shorts are by Marni so what's to complain right?
Quite a simple classic look to start off. I made many more outfit shoots in Barcelona, and I'll definitely show them to you next week.

Now there's fifteen minutes left until my class-teatcher is going to call me. This will be the most important phonecall of my high-school career, because she's going to tell me wether I graduated or not. I'm freaking out right now. Goodbye and wish me luck! 

blouse - vintage
shorts- Marni for H&M
socks - H&M
shoes - All Stars
bowtie- V&D
sunglasses - vintage

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