So yesterday I hung up my poster in our school's central hall. At first I was a bit afraid of the reactions because of the women in their carnival bikinis.
Luckily I got nothing but good reactions so I was quite happy. Unfortunately, the sun wasn't very cooperative when I tried to make a picture. So I made two different pictures and hopefully you'll be able to fill in the gaps yourself. In the picture beneath you can see a little sketch I made for my poster.

Also today was the first time this winter that I skated on outdoor-ice. It has been freezing all week but I simply didn't have any time to go ice-skating. So I was very excited today. It's really amazing to be able to walk over the waters, in which you were rowing just a week earlier. I really feel like a pride Dutch boy (okay now I'm showing a bit too much patriotism.) when I'm ice-skating.