Okay so today will be just a simply short post
I'm really busy with my final big poster. I'll show it to you tomorrow. I'm quite nervous, cause I made a poster in a Brazilian Carnival theme, showing four women wearing nothing but a bikini with huge feathers. Of course they're still decent, but I'm not sure weather or not the head of our school will appreciate almost nude women in our central hall.
Enough of that, Here's this week's look. It has a traveling theme. I'm very busy working out my thoughts for an object that I have to make for my final-assignment for my art-class. I want to do something with traveling, fashion, trunks and suitcases, but I still have no idea what to do.
I really like travelling people. They want to meet foreign cultures and strange countries, but they always bring their luggage reminding them of their homes. Why is that? Why do we always take our belongings with us? Why don't we just go with the wind? I know, it sounds very weird and it doesn't help me to find any ideas, but still...
I love this little lady and her clean white gloves. Her little suitcase and her purse, walking so elegantly trough the grass on her stiletto's. What an amazing picture and I love the way this shot was taken with the plane on it and all.