Simply Spending the Saturday: Treasure hunting

So yesterday was such a beautiful day. Finally the sun was out again and I had a great time. I went on a treasure hunt for my suitcase project, and I found the most amazing vintage artifacts. Check them out!

My day started of with the sun, waking me up as it shin trough my window. Then I went to the market to buy a length for a vest that I'm going to make. It had the exact blue-green tartan pattern that I have been searching for! (Pic. 2) Ow and then I had an amazing Caramel-cappucino at the coffee-company. (Pic. 3) They made me a real art piece and the were really nice. (Far better then those shouting fishwives at Starbucks!) So ditch the Starbucks, Gooo coffee-company!

So as I told you >>before<< I'm busy working on my final piece for my art class. So I went to all the vintage stores in my city. (even the ones I had never been before) Although I didn't buy anything, I still loved digging trough those old piles of useless things. 

After that, I went to my Grandma's house, the biggest vintage store of them all. She took me to the attic where we dug up the most amazing things. She surprised me with an amazing blue fifties suitcase. (Pic. 4) She also gave me several pairs of gloves(Pic. 5), a tiny sewing machine, some old yarns and needles(Pic. 6), a couple of siggarette boxes, a pair of braces, a bunch of other stuff (Pic. 7)and the most amazing thing she gave me was a real silk top hat! (Pic. 8) It was her uncle's once. She kept it in the original box (Pic. 9) for over a century and now she gave it to me. I'm so happy with it! I've always wanted a top-hat and now I've finally got one.

In the evening I went to the film "Hugo," which was also an amazing movie and very inspiring for my art-piece and it gave me a lot of ideas. After the credits, we were the last one in the cinema and the guy from the theater came up to us, asking if we wanted to leave since the next movie started in 10 minutes. "unless you also have tickets for the next movie of course" He said. So we decided, "why not" and we quickly bought ourselves some new tickets for the next movie and we went to see "Sherlock Holmes" too. 

So I had an amazing day with quite a few pleasant surprises. Now I'll be preparing myself to go to school again tomorrow. 
My Saturday was perfect, but eh...
How was yours?