A simply snowy winterstop

I know, I know, I haven't posted anything this week and my "look of the week" almost became look of the month, but I've been very very busy lately.
This week was all about planning our upcoming spring dance for the first and second formers. It's held this friday so we had to come up with a theme and work it all out in less then two weeks. Of course we started waaay to late. And my lack of planning skills gave me plenty of work this week. Apart from all the regular school stuff. (Yes, that's right! Although It's hard to believe sometimes, doing your homework is good for your career!) I had to create our Barbie and Ken costumes, which were succesfully finished. We held a foto shoot with   our student-council and I had to edit all the posters. Okay now I guess it's time to stop wining. (Self-pity causes wrinkles, as I always say!) I loved doing all that! As a reward some little angel above the clouds made it snow, so my week was complete. I took some great shots of our little town. I also treated myself on a cinema visit last night. Since all the oscars nominee's and all the fuss about "the artist" I really wanted to see the movie. I love silent movies and this was just another amazing hollywood production. Apart from the good actors this movie is also a must-see for all twenties-fashion-lovers out there. All the cloche-hats the fur-coats (see the picture above) and double-breasted jackets made me so jealous! Wish I could spend some time with Peppy Miller in 1920's Hollywood.
Now I'm off to do my homework and finish my posters. I promis, I'll write another 'look of the week' tomorrow so stay tuned...