My Favorite Vuitton...

Here’s another wonderful invetion by Louis Vuitton: The trunk-bed.

 This trunk is a bit whider then an ordinary suitcase, but it’s not meant for carying your luggage. When you open the trunk, and you fould out the mechanism, you'll find a complete bed. It also has a special compartmant to carry your sheets and blankets. 
It was used in the 1930’s in the Croisière Jaune, an expedition trough Asia, and the Croisière Noire, an expedition trough Africa. These two trips were sponserd by car manufacturer, André Citroën, who designed a special vehicle for rough terrain. These expeditions provided many customers for Louis Vuitton and multiple trunk-beds were made for these journeys. Of course this bed isn’t very comfortable, but there weren’t many hotels on the mountains of the Himalaya or on the plains of the Sahara. Without This trunk the travellers had no bed at all.
The trunk has a red-white striped interior. Originally, the trunk had a brown striped canvas exterior, but canvas wasn’t strong enough to survive long journeys so Louis Vuitton stopped using canvas and started making metal trunks.