Hot or not: Le Smoking?

The pantsuit is know as an unfashionable, unfeminine, hippie-product for hikers and single-moms. But we were wrong! 
The pantsuit is actually an amazing solution for the fashionable woman, who doesn't like skirts or dresses. I must admit it is a product invented for feminists but still..
It all started in the 1920's when women started fighting for equal rights for men and women. Many women started to follow the latest menswear trends dressing themselves like men. For example think of Coco Chanel, one of the first well-known modern women wearing trousers. Marlene Dietrich was the first to cause commotion when she showed up on an important ball, dressed like a real gentleman in a tail-coat complete with a top-hat. The picture of her below was taken some time later that year. 
In 1966 Yves Saint Laurent came op with his latest creation: "Le smoking" (see the picture at the top of the article) a super feminine suit, emphasizing all the curves of a woman's body. Of course it must be combined with some real high heels but I think it looks amazing. 
I would always advise to buy a black one, coulored pantsuits make you look as if you're desperate for attention. You are already wearing a fashion statement to a formal event so no need to make it bigger.