FAB | The small tricks to summer shorts

I think I have the right to say: The summer season has finally started. The weather is hot. The sun is shining. And people are starting to show some skin. It's about time to educate all fine young men out there, on how (not) to wear those shorts. 
Also highly educative for women...

You can't hurry love

Today was the first real day of summer wheater. I wore two almost completely different outfits. I started of with this warm ensemble. The trousers are by Lanvin and they're made of seersucker. It's a very light material so your legs stay cool all the time. The perfect solution for a that hot day when you can't wear short because of the occasion you're attending. Anyway as soon as I had set a foot outside I knew this would be the first day of the year that I was going to wear shorts. 

Last time I saw him...

My final exams started today. It's all or nothing. I've worked two years up to this moment, but not pressure at all of course...
Anyway I always like to look stylish when I've got a big day. Actually I always like to look stylish, no matter what day it is. I tried something different today by wearing my pocketwatch around my neck.


Not just fabulous, I'm fucking fabulous, darling!
If there's one thing that I've learned in the past few years:
Fashion is just fun. 
(You can quote me on that).

FAB | The small tricks to shoe polishing

I thought it was about time to show I'd show you guys and girls how to take care of your shoes. properly. After giving you some basic tips about different types of shoes and how to wear them. Make no mistake, women often think that only men have to polish their shoes. But, women, please be sure to take care of your boots and shoes too, every once in a while. Here's how to do it...