Last time I saw him...

My final exams started today. It's all or nothing. I've worked two years up to this moment, but not pressure at all of course...
Anyway I always like to look stylish when I've got a big day. Actually I always like to look stylish, no matter what day it is. I tried something different today by wearing my pocketwatch around my neck.
Actually I was inspired by Glee's Kurt Hummel. I saw this episode where he wears a 19th century pocketwatch around his neck as a sort of collar-decoration. Although this look is very 2010-girly-girl-hipster, I found this dandy-like accessory really suited me. If he could wear it, then sure as hell that I could pull this off. I find Kurt's and my ideas about fashion are very similar. With quotes like: "I'm so depressed, I wore the same outfit twice this week", one has got to love him. Of course I couldn't wear the watch-necklece exactly the same as Mr Hummel, after all I'm all about finding my own style. (Also: I couldn't find my old vintage pocketwatch). So I paired my blue modern pocket-watch with my favorite bright blue Versace trousers.
My exam went great today, so the outfit must have done its job. Or was it the last drop of my lucky Chanel perfume?

pocketwatch - fullspot
shirt - vintage
pants - Versace for H&M
belt - H&M 
cufflinks - LIV

P.S. It's not the first time Kurt Hummel and I made the same fashion choice. In an episode last February, he obviously felt inspired by my marni shirt I bought last year.

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