My favourite Vuitton | The curious case on red square

This very controversial suitcase caused a big riot this week in the Russian parlament. The communist party asked to demolish the immense building, located in the middle of the red-square in Moscow.
The suitcase was built to celebrate the 120th birthday of the Russian luxury department-strore GUM, located at the corner of the red square. Earlier this year, Dior already built an exhibit nearby, this time it was Vuitton's turn. The 9 meters high, 34 meters long suitcase was meant to host an exhibition about famous travelers and their Louis Vuitton luggage. 

The suitcase is decorated by the famous LV-monogram and is marked by the initials of Tsarist-era Prince Wladimir Orloff. The stripes on the suitcase represent the Russian flag. 
This Tueseday a member of the communist party started asking questions in the Russian Parlament. The Red-Square is a sacred place for manny Russian people. Their national hero Lenin is buried in his mausoleum on this very square. Besides that it is located next to the famous Kremlin. The communist party asked whether Louis Vuitton had permission or not to place such a repulsive object on their beloved square. As the attention to the object grew worldwide, more and more people started to interfere witch the conflict. Even the Russian President Vladimir Putin commented on the case. 
Last night Moscow police blocked the suitcase and ordered for it to be demolished immediately. Yet another historical suitcase down.
 The Russian Kremlin commented: "The people at Vuitton have no sense of proportion".
As a matter of a fact, I think they do! They dream big. They create Icons. They've been making pieces of design and luxury for over a century. 
Whether you love the suitcase or not, even after it being demolished, it will go down in History as an icon of creativity, size and of course another example of Russian suppression. 

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