One love in twenty-fourteen.

After all the flasbacks on 2013, I came to the conclusion that I prefer to look forwards, instead of backwards. That's why I'm writing this piece on the first of January and not in December.
I'm writing this piece as the first blogpost of 2014 after having an amazing night.  After I woke up I watched the Viennese New-Year's-concert. One of my favorite traditions that has been around  in my family for three generations. 

The past year has been a very rough year for me. There were lot's of ups. Therefor there also had to be a lot of downs. But, in a way, our lives are very similar to the concept of fashion: It isn't about looking back, it's about looking forward. We should only look back to regard our best memories. We should look back on them in a way  that they can help us construct a road to an even brighter future. 
So, looking back on the happy memories, I made quite a lot of those this year. Graduation, several exciting jobs, finding new interesting friends, finding interest in old friends, a different city: all in all, a completely different life. 

Now as far as the 365-outfit-challange goes. I think I succeeded rather well. Although I stopped taking notes and making descriptions of my outfits halfway through June, I still tried to fit myself a whole new outfit. every. single. fucking. day. for the past 365 days. Which is very hard, I can tell you that! It might be the case that I've worn a slightly similar outfit twice this year. But quantity over quality wasn't the point of this project. My goal was to test my creativity every single day. Oh Boy, did I test my creativity! Even on those dreadful-hungover mornings I had to go trough my wardrobe to find myself another descent outfit. Yet, I am thankful for doing so. I kept pushing boundaries. I found a way to make even boulder combinations, use brighter colors and wear prettier ties. But to be honest, it will be a humongous  relief being able to wear some of my favorite combinations more than just once a year. Don't be afraid! I'll keep up the dandy-ism. I hereby solemnly swear  that I will never wear the same outfit twice a week. ever. 

As they always say: One should stop at the climax of one's pursuits. Therefor I ended the outfit-challenge in my white blazer and 2013 ended with the best party of the year! My new friends from University and I hosted this amazing Bal-Masque in the middle of Amsterdam's city-centre. We decided not only to invite our new friends from University, but to ask some of our old friends and relatives as well. It was the perfect symbolic way of celebrating the old and the new. It was just so magical celebrating the beginning of a whole new year with both my new friends and also with all my beloved old friends, some of whom I hadn't seen in ages. They are all so dear to me. They made me realize I'm such a lucky person to have so much wonderful (and of course fabulous) friends around me. I was in an a sensational mood. I want to thank you all for the love and support and the happy memories! A lot went down in that place and a lot of new happy memories were created last night. Let's cherish them and help us find the way to an even more awesome future. 
Here's to you. 
Here's to us.
Here's to the future. 

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