Yellow is one of the strangest colors I know. It's not a very pretty color and often people exclude yellow from their wardrobe. Nonetheless, it's the happiest color I know. A range of colors just isn't complete without yellow. A world without yellow would be a very sad one.


An all black and white look today. It has been snowing the entire week and all the streets are  covered in snow and ice. I must admit that I did fall multiple times, quite painfully I must say! Pictures in the snow are always very pretty and I couldn't think of a better way to photograph this all black and white look. 


Freedom at last: Today was the last day of my test-week. I really believe that one can achieve more when properly dressed. That would explain why some of my tests went so horrible, since I didn't feel like wearing anything nice last week. This morning I had my last test (maths) so I decided to dress up, hoping it would help.


 Here are some inspirational photographs. I just found these pictures. (mainly on Pinterest, which is a great help if you'll need any procrastination in your test-week.) I thought of sharing them, as a pictures often says more than a thousand words, right? 
So since I've already said more than eight-thousand words, this will be a short blogpost.

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Red and Navy, like the French

This morning I went for a bit of a rock-and-roll look. I wore my red trousers with my navy/marine blouse. There's nothing better than the combination of navy-blue and red. I decided to wear my collar up. A few year's ago, many preppy people used to do this (and I used to despise them) but I thought it would be a cool addition to the James-Dean-like look. When buying a blouse, the most important thing is

Upside down

I had a massive wardrobe crisis this morning. In a full wardrobe with all your favorite pieces, it's just so hard to decide what to wear. After two other outfits I decided to go for this one. It's a very gray day and I matched my outfit to the mood of the weather. The little trick of today's outfit are of course


I've always hated denim. The touch of the fabric is horrifying. As a kid my jeans were always ripped open at my knees  when I playing outside on the ground. A pair of blue jeans is just so boring and plain. There's nothing special about such an item. It's like the boy next door in fashion-language. Throughout the most of my high-school career I refused to wear jeans. In fact, I might be holding the worldrecord on not wearing blue jeans for a kazillion years. Until May last year,


Today was kind of a blue day. I had a lot of cleaning up to do so I just went for a simple outfit.
(Yes that's right, a blazer and purple jeans is what I like to call simple)
Who can blame me? I like to be the dandy, even when I'm home alone. But to keep the outfit a little more simplistic, I went for my good old chucks

Polkadots & matching accessories

Tonight me and my friends are going to a big party in town. One can't have enough parties right? Especially after all the Christmas and New year's eve  fuss. 
I was hoping that my MaisonMargiela-for-H&M-Blazer would arrive today, but I got an e-mail that my order arrives tomorrow. Too bad. So now I'm wearing my green blazer (again). I also wore it to our school gala and on Christmas-eve. However I did change the look a bit. The matching green trousers are replaced by a pair of simple black trousers and I'm wearing a white blouse. 

The ultimate wardrobe challenge.

 First of all, let me start by wishing you all the best for 2013. I hope you all had an amazing new-year's eve. I certainly had the time of my life. 2013 is going to be a very special year. There are a lot of changes ahead of me and even more decisions to be made. Who knows were I might be around this time next year? To add consistency to this year, and most off all, to test my creativity I created myself a challenge. The biggest adventure in the history of menswear:
This year, I am going to wear a different outfit every day. 

365 days. 365 different looks.