Polkadots & matching accessories

Tonight me and my friends are going to a big party in town. One can't have enough parties right? Especially after all the Christmas and New year's eve  fuss. 
I was hoping that my MaisonMargiela-for-H&M-Blazer would arrive today, but I got an e-mail that my order arrives tomorrow. Too bad. So now I'm wearing my green blazer (again). I also wore it to our school gala and on Christmas-eve. However I did change the look a bit. The matching green trousers are replaced by a pair of simple black trousers and I'm wearing a white blouse. 

The tie is one of the many ties my grandma gave me last week. They were my grandfather's and since nobody wears them anymore she gave them to me. I love them! My grandfather often made some bold fashion choices. Thanks to him I now have a lot of ties with different patterns, strange colors and matching pocket-squares. The cufflinks also belonged to my grandfather. The W isn't my initial of course, it's his. That might be a little strange but I'm wearing them anyway, just to honor him and his style. Plus they're a great match to my tie-pin, which is also gold. I just can't stand people wearing gold and silver colors all together, because they're often so badly combined. 
Lesson of the day: Make sure your watches, jewels, buckles and cufflinks are either all silver or all gold. Make them match people!

Blazer: H&M
Shirt/Blouse & Tie-pin: Vintage
Tie, Pocket-square: Grandpa's amazing wardrobe

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