Freedom at last: Today was the last day of my test-week. I really believe that one can achieve more when properly dressed. That would explain why some of my tests went so horrible, since I didn't feel like wearing anything nice last week. This morning I had my last test (maths) so I decided to dress up, hoping it would help.
I'm not sure it did, but if I failed, I sure did it in a very stylish way.
As I was going through my wardrobe this morning,  I found this old clutch I made for VOGUE's Fashion's night out from this Versace laundry-bag. For just one second I thought of going to school with a math-book and a calculator in my clutch. 
Can I pull this off. Yes, it's me, so I certainly can pull this off!
Am I really going to do this. Nah, forget it. Where's my bag?
  The clutch matched my new watch perfectly. I like the combination of blue and green. Mostly because my eyes are also  blue-green-ish. It's really annoying not having one particular eye-color. Luckily the fabric of this clutch covers it all. The blazer is by Maison Martin Margiela for H&M. I already wanted to show this piece, ages ago. I never quite took the time. I think it deserves the right of a good proper outfit. Look at the simplicity and the cut of the blazer. It's my favorite piece right now. 
The watch is by O'clock. A new upcoming italian brand. They sell watches relatively cheap and you can take the clockwork out of the rubber band. Both rubber bands and clockworks are available in tons of colors and patterns so you can mix and match them anyway you'd like. I love them!

blazer: Maison Martin Margiela for H&M
t-shirt: H&M
trousers: H&M
watch: O'clock
clutch: custom made

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