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These pictures were taken in the amazing Parc Güell. The park was originally meant to become a small village in Barcelona for factory-workers and other people with small income. Sadly nobody wanted to live in such a "strange and modern" park, so it became just a park. A  place to rest, walk and enjoy the view. This outfit shows some of the basics that I like to wear on a holiday: Long trousers, a light blouse, moccasins showing a little bit of my ankles and of course my favorite, second hand sunglasses...
The view from the park is amazing. You can see all the way to the Mediterranean sea and all  of Barcelona. On top of that, the Architecture is great. As an art-lover myself, I loved the natural atmoshpere. The re-using of all those little broken pieces into mosaics and all the round shapes and structures. 
I got the VOGUE bag, last year with the magazine and I've used it ever since. I'm a major fan of linen bags (particularly for men). By now I think we all should have come to the understanding that pockets were never mend to be used. Jeans tend to shape themselves to whatever you wear in your pockets, and I hate having the shape of a mobile-phone in your pocket. Especially when you don't even have your phone on you. It's rather revolting. Let alone having a wallet and sunglasses and a phone in the pocket of your blazer. They'll create this huge lump on your chest. There's no suit that can disguise that. In order to prevent ourselves from looking like Quasi Modo, we should all allow men to start wearing bags or purses. But at the risk of  look too "feminine" the linen bag is the prefect solution.
Oh and last but not least: want to thank my friends. Not only for the lovely week I had, but also for assisting me in my outfit posts! (Plus: their camera's are way better than mine!)

jeans - H&M
blouse - H&M
bag - VOGUE
moccasins - Vintage
sunglasses - Vintage

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