Love Hangover

Only the greatest mind can afford a simple style. I guess Gabrielle was talking about this Bauhaus pavilion in Barcelona, when she said that. After all there's a reason why its designer, Mies van der Rohe, is one of the most quoted people in the world. It was he, the German architect, who came up with the phrase: Less is more.

The design of this pavillion was made for the 1929 world exhibit. Though it was build almost a hundred years ago, it still looks very futuristic. The lines, the materials, the scenery, they're all so simple and at the same time so strange. 
I always admire people who are able to create something truly different, strange and renewing, using so little. After all, it is so much easier to create something special using hundreds of extravagant materials, but a true artist doesn't need all those things. A true artist can create something special, using as little as possible.
And that's what Mies van de Rohe, head of the architecture department of the German Bauhaus during the 1920's, did. He created this amazing little pavellion. It's so simplistic but also very elegant. The atmosphere was so quiet and tranquil. We've sat about an hour at the little pond, just relaxing and enjoying the scenery. 

shirt - Marni
shoes - Chuck taylor allstars
shorts - H&M

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