Graduation outfit No.2

Today's post is a bit special. It's landmark. A milestone in my life. It's both an end a beginning. 

Friday evening was the final ceremony of our high-school graduation. It was held in the biggest 17th century church in town and more than a thousand people came to applaud us, the sixth formers. 
 After being the fashion-guy/gay of our school for the past six years, I thought it was the perfect occasion to make that one big final statement. 
The past years, I've been called names more than a few times by my classmates, because of what I've worn. Criticism builds character right? But as I (and my classmates) grew older, my outfits became better, and so were their reactions. Make no mistake: the past six years have been the best years of my life so far. I got the chance to develop myself and my style. People respect me for who I am and I've got the best set of friends ever! "In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different": and boy, have I made myself irreplaceable these last couple of years! 
 But what does one wear to an evening like this, when you've worn practically every freaking strange outfit possible? It had to be something daring, something edgy, something I had never done before. For the first time in a long long long time, I felt insecure about my outfit, as I decided to wear a skirt. Inspired by Marc Jacobs and Jean Paul Gaultier. 
The hardest part of all was surviving my moms critisism. But I thought: "What the hell! People of the world, this is who I am, deal with it!" 

Wasn't it Oscar Wilde who said: Diversity of opinion about a work of art, shows that the work is new, complex and vital. 

That's what fashion is all about for me, making yourself into a piece of art. Taking that risk felt great. I should do it a lot more often. Being outspoken, getting reactions. Everybody remembers what I wore last Friday night. I had the time of my life. I'll be able to look back to that night in thirty years, laugh really loud, and say to myself: I rocked that look! 

Major Thanx for all the people in my highschool-carreer who helped my develop myself, who helped me become the person I am today, you inspired me, I love you all!

shoes - Manfield
shirt- vintage
blazer - Zara
skirt - Episode
trousers - H&M conscious-collection
tie - H&M

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