The Lovely Looks on Life

I've been thinking a lot lately. I actually blame the picture above. I love it. I'm so passionate about it. It is the prettiest picture I've ever seen (so far) and It always get's my thoughts going. Dreaming. Thinking.
About the future, about life and about "The big L." When you would have asked me last year what I was going to do with my future I would've been quite certain. But as my future is coming closer and closer, my plans are becoming vaguer and vaguer. Why is it that we are all looking forward to take that next step in life, why is it that we are all so exited about doing something new? What's up with the: "The world is moving, you've got to move with it"-spirit. Am I the only one who is a bit afraid of "change"?


I came across the CHANEL video above and I immediately adored it. A couple of years ago I made a study of the lips for an artwork. Back then I stumbled into the world famous April 1950 Vogue cover by Erwin Blumenfeld. It's so simplistic and therefore amazing. In my opinion a person's lips are the most sensual part of the body. I love it when a woman is putting on her lipstick. It's a small quick gesture that she practices in public and by doing so she shows the world she cares about herself. A women is most elegant when applying her own lipstick. 

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Who says fashion and food can't go together? Apart from the fact that every fashionable person is super crazy thin and that most people in the industry eat nothing but raw veggies, fashion and food are a lot alike. They are both very desirable products, many people crave for fashion  the same way many others crave for food. Now I normally don't cook, bake or come anywhere NEAR a stove but yesterday was a turning point in my life. I found myself a recipe on pinterest and I just HAD to bake it. Check out the result below...


London, May 22, 1914- Emmeline Pankhurst is arrested again after protesting for women's right to vote. At two o'clock in the afternoon, the female activist was arrested near Buckingham Palace. What happened? What were the consequences? And most importantly: What was she wearing!?


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Return to sender

It's been a while since I did my last lookbook post. As I was browsing through my laptop I came across these old pictures so I wanted to share them.


This must be officially the biggest fashion event this holiday season. The new-york based department-store Barney's teamed op with Disney to create a small clip for their Christmas advertising campaign. Disney drew all the big names in the fashion industry to make an appearance in the clip next to Minnie Mouse. My all time favorites Sarah Jessica Parker, Emmanuelle Alt (Vogue Paris), Cruella de Ville (Disney's own Fashion guru since the late 90's) and the super cute disney version of Alber Elbaz (Head designer at Lanvin). Above all Minnie Mouse is wearing the most amazing Lanvin dress. This is certainly the best fashion-related campaign I've seen in a very long time!
Eat your heart out Brad Pitt!

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Mastering the art of Blogging

I just finished watching the movie Julie and Julia. The movie that  encouraged me to do something with my high-school years and inspired me to start my own blog. Now, more than a year since I started my blog, I still have absolutely no clue what to do with all this. 
I wanted to work on my future. I know it's quite silly of my to think that I would be discovered by my little tiny blog on fashion. I am one of the KAZILLION bloggers out there and I have no marketing plan or influential connections whatsoever. Besides, Blogging is SOOO last decade. 
But one can always dream, right?


Ever since I saw this Céline coat in my 'Vogue Collections', I've been madly in love with it. The simplicity makes this coat the ultimate modern fashion-statement. I love the clean lining. This is where we're heading. 
Céline is the future.


Last night, Chanel launched their new advertising campaign for the most famous perfume of all times: Chanel No.5. And for the first time they chose a man to represent their fragrance: Brad Pitt. The first three videos above were just teasers. The fourth and video was released last monday. The last video is the latest update: It's the official Chanel No.5 short film for the next five years. 
Just see for yourself and create your own opinion. If you really want to know what I think, read the text below...

The man who put the Femme in Femininity

John French is, in my opinion, the greatest Fashion photographer who ever lived (up until now at least). Last week, As I've done many times before, I used one of his photo's as a Look of the week. I described his ability to capture real elegance in one single photograph. I wanted to share his magic for once and for all. Check it out...


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I admit I've neglected my blogger-duty, lately. But I'm very eager to change that. So here's another Look of the week feature. Starring this great picture by John French.


Last Thursday was the first edition of Dutch Vogue's Fashion's night out. And as a lover of everything-fashionable, I saw it as my duty to attend the party. The initiative of creating an event just to celebrate fashion is such a great idea. I had a great time...

Anna Dello Russo thinks we need a Fashion Shower!?

The pictures above are stills from Anna della Russo's new music-video created specially for her new accessory-line for H&M. First of all, I think we could al agree that it's just not right that the woman dances in a costume like that, in her early fifties. On the other hand: So does Madonna. Now I'm sure we all think our part of it, but I, for a fact, Love her! Check out why in the article below and most importantly check out the video!

Dandyism meets Feminism

While looking through my Vogue-Collections issue, I came across some interesting looks from the fall 2012 shows, hosted last February. Now of course all looks were amazing, but some really stood out. I saw some pretty cool things in multiple shows so I wanted to share these features...


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Fashion Classics: The ultimate guide to Pearls

We all know the beauty of shiny little objects. As a child, we've all been attracted by tiny pieces glistening in the sunlight. One's eyes will always be looking at the source of the light, reflected in the creations, made in co-operation with both human and nature. All those aspects, of what we like to call "beauty", are captured in this one single article: a pearl.

One year later...

Last year, August the 14th, was the day I created my blog. 
Today, precisely one year ago, I think it's time to look back. But most importantly, it's time to look forward.


Today was another beautiful day. When you look up "summer" in your dictionary, I'm sure you'll find a description of this very day. Now this picture should be displayed too, on that page.

Back in business

After a short period of two-weeks of non-posting, I'm back! I just returned from a small vacation trip this afternoon.