Look of the week

This week's Look isn't especially modern, it has no relations to the latest trends, whatsoever. I simply adore this image. 

I came across this picture while reading the paper this morning. Though the whole outfit is a bit hard to see, the whole picture is just amazing. It was taken in 1959 and the model, Nena von Schlebrügge, was very well known at that time. Ze did many Vogue covers and did a lot of shows. Just "Google" her! You'll get some really great photo's. The coat with the huge fur collar and that cloche-hat make it look like the 1920's. The picture was very revolutionary for that time. The photographer, Norman Parkinson, was one of the first to take his models outside of the studio. He stopped showing fashion inside some stupid showroom and started showing the latest looks right there on the street. In the middle of all the normal people in a normal city. The result, as you can see: Amazing, the cheering women above Paris.