Back in business

After a short period of two-weeks of non-posting, I'm back! I just returned from a small vacation trip this afternoon.
We went on a short vacation to the south of our country just to be out of the busy city for a while. I had a great time relaxing, enjoying the amazing weather. It was not a super adventurous wild vacation or anything. I just needed some time to recharge so that I'll be able to make a whole new fresh start this year. See some of the pictures I took on this trip above. Pic 1. is this amazing typically southern-dutch pie, stuffed with apricot-jelly, it's delicious. Also a very common habit in the south is to serve a little extra treat with your coffee. They often used baileys combined with wipped-cream, it sounds awful but it the taste is just great! (Pic. 4) 
And I also finally found the time to get creative again so I made a lot of drawings. Very relaxing and above all: fun to do!
Oh and besides all the vacation-fuss, some more interesting news: I registered for a series of preparatory courses at the academy of arts in Arnhem. Starting this September, I'll be busy being creative every Saturday, the whole day, 18 Saturdays. Very exciting and above all: it might even help me to get accepted to this academy next year, after I've finished high-school.  I'm very curious! Stay tuned for a lot more creativity on the blog...

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