Simply Spending the Saturday: Freedom At last

I finally found some inspiration to blog about. Some of you might have noticed I suffered from a "writers block", or It might be the fact that I've been just too damn lazy or too busy. Anyway here's a report on the events past few days...
Last week was our final week at school. It was the last time I had to organize a party with our students council, and it was great! The theme was pajama party and we constructed this amazing fairytale-like bed so that everyone could take pictures in their jammies lying on that huge pink fluffy bed.(pic. 5)
Then Friday, it was the last day at school of this year, so the holidays finally started. We decided to celebrate our freedom in a local coffee place and I had a bounty flavored latte(pic. 4), and it was amazing! I don't know what they threw in my coffee but the taste was simply wonderful. 
After that I treated myself on a new watch. I wrote about these watches earlier and I found a local arty shop that sell's these watches. Read my earlier article, they're just so cool. I bought a yellowstrap with a black clockwork. (pic. 3 & 6) It was a tough decision though. I think I'll be back in that store in no-time to buy myself a whole bunch of other colors.
Then, yesterday, my grandma handed me these old patterns for tailoring. They originally belonged to her mother and the date says july 1914, that's almost hundred years ago! It's an old illustrated sewing magazine. (pic. 1 & 7) features sewing-problems, puppet-hospital-advertisements, 10 commandments on how to be the best wife for your husband, some letters from desperate housewives and a lot of pictures showing the 1910's fashion.
And last but not least, Friday and Saturday-night, there was an open-air cinema in the centre of our city. (pic 2 & 8)They showed some very strange brazilian movies, very arty, very cool to watch.  I just love the strange feeling of being outside and being in a cinema, at the same time. It was very cosy. 
Sadly, I didn't had the time to watch the entire credits, till the end. That's just something I normally love to do. I don't know why, but watching the credits after a movie always completes the entire story for me. Just sitting there, thinking about the movie and seeing everybody leave the theatre.
I know it sounds completely retarded, but hey, that's just me...