The tuxedo bag

 The holidays are always a great time to work on those little projects. Read a book, make that one special recipe or create yourself a whole new bag. I went for the last option and I designed and created this tuxedo shoulder-bag
Tuesday afternoon, I was so bored that I couldn't take that endless parade of doing nothing anymore. So I decided to go do something for myself. I quickly came up with this idea of making a bag out of a suit. Of course that would mean giving up one of my blazers so I made the bag looking like a suit... 

It's not the most amazing piece of couture but I like the result for just a Tues- and Thursday afternoon of sewing. I didn't want bag to keep in your hand so I gave it a longer band so that you can hang the bag around your shoulder. This is where I invented the sleeves. I created these cuffs at the end of the band. This way it looks as if the bag is embracing you from the shoulder. 
Now I'm certainly not very skilled on the sewing machine so the result was quite a surprise for me. Hope to make some more accessories this summer 
(perhaps something like my cotton measuringtape-tie...?)