This week's look is one featuring my all time favorite actress: Audrey Tautou. She defines beauty in it's pure form. I don't now what it is, it might be her french accent, her eccentric smile or her pure white skin, but I love her
This Retro look was published in Russian Marie-Claire. See some more pictures of the shoot below. If you ask me, these images are way to pretty for a lousy  third-hand Soviet magazine. 
Anyway, In my opinion, Audrey Tautou just has that little extra touch that makes her so elegant. Her smile is just a bit to much, and her face, although completely spotless, just isn't really perfect. That's the case with most of Miss Tautou's projects. In Amelie, she's not pretty at all, and in Coco Avant Chanel she plays this dumb innocent but proud person, In the the Da Vinci Code she's elegant but a bit nerdy and even in this picture above, there is something that's just not right. She's not that perfect 'hot babe', but I think that's what makes her even more special. The little elegant touches hidden in her small spots of imperfection is what gives her face a character. it's what makes her unique and beautiful in her own way. 
And that's why I love her. 
I've seen practically all her movies and she's just so great. This shoot is also very Audrey-like.  The retro shots (though they're not very recent) really appealed to me. Her hair is so pretty and I love that dress. It looks a bit like the 2012 spring collection of Givenchy, a line that I really liked. Besides all that, she's wearing gloves, those of you who know me a little, know that I can't resist a women wearing gloves.
Please enjoy these pictures, Ooh look at that hair...

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