Today was another beautiful day. When you look up "summer" in your dictionary, I'm sure you'll find a description of this very day. Now this picture should be displayed too, on that page.
Besides the amazing view, I love the dress she's wearing. These long dresses are certainly not suitable for every body-type. You'll have to be quite long, of course not too big, but some curves are very necessary to rock this look. The dress is perfect for the hot sonny day. It's light, breezy and therefore not too hot. On the other hand, on every sweaty hot summer day there's a chance of rainfall and very often thunder combined.  Though it's not a very warm dress, you'll be very pleased to find your legs covered when it starts to rain on a summer day. Also, notice the scarf in her hair. So simple and still so elegant...
Now of course there's the amazing view, Paris and the Eiffel tower. Hmm It's always nice to dream away while watching over the skyline of Paris.
Now of course, tonight is the opening-night of the London Olympics 2012, and besides all the sports there's also the suits. Stella Mc Cartney designed the outfits of the Brits and Lagerfeld published a special line at Selfridges, dedicated to this event, so stay tuned for some more fashion and sports!

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