One year later...

Last year, August the 14th, was the day I created my blog. 
Today, precisely one year ago, I think it's time to look back. But most importantly, it's time to look forward.
One year ago, I had so much inspiration, so much energy, so much ideas to share with the world. I had the most lovely summer, hosted the most wonderful sunny picnics, had an amazing year ahead of me.
Now, it's all over. Though this upcoming school-year might bring even more splendid surprises, I still can't find the energy to focus on the future. I made a lot of promises recently and I said I would post way more often. Yet this is the first time I've posted anything in two weeks. I just can't find that fun feeling. It must be that late summer-depression, waiting for life to live up again. Don't get me wrong, I've met up with friends almost every day past weeks. I went shopping, went to exhibitions, but blogging-whise, I felt so bored...

Finding a reasonable explanation for my summer-depression:
No.1 I still haven't found that one perfect Louis Vuitton suitcase, giftwrapped on my doormat. Hello! I looove presents, feel free to send me gifts!!
No.2 I recently found out that Zac Efron has this hideous "yolo" tattoo. He's definitely no longer on  MY wall of fame. 
 No.3 I haven't bought new shoes since february. I'm pretty sure that's the problem. 
Shoes do solve everything! Remember that! Mark my words!

Lately, blogging didn't feel like a fun thing to do, it just felt like an obligation. Now as I always say: Life's to short to keep doing things you don't like to do. 
That's why I've decided to stop saying things like "stay tuned". To stop telling about articles, which I'm never going to write. 
Maybe I have to stop blogging, (I mean, come on! Blogging is sooo 2005!) Though I haven't found a new way to share my inspiration, I'll definitely be searching for another medium. I just don't know what to do yet. I'll be blogging when I feel like it. I won't be blogging when I don't feel like it. Never plan too far ahead. Just wait and see what happens...
(Whoep, I feel so wise saying these things!)

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