Fashion Classics: The New Look

 Classics are real icons of the fashion world. Revolutionary looks that changed the whole industry, most of them still recognizable in today's street wear. As promised: 

The new Look

Christian Dior studied Political sciences and had a passion for architecture. After several years of designing for some of the most prestigious houses in Paris, he founded his own Maison Dior in 1946. During the war, fashion stood still for almost five years. Womenswear was dictated by green uniforms and unadorned suits. Twenties, Thirties and Forties looks showed no waistline at all! Dior decided to get rid of this shapeless figures. He wanted to create a more feminine look. In his first show on the 12th of january 1947 he launched his new line. The fashion world was amazed. Christian Dior had created a look that emphasized the curves or the feminine body. For almost half a century women's fashion had been all about easy wearable clothes and the end of the corset. Now Dior launched a line with tight waisted jackets and round hips. Although he named is line differently, it became worldwide known as 'the new look.' 

The tight waisted skirts that widened up to the end, just below the knee, became insanely popular. It was used through the whole fifties and sixties. That single show defined nearly two decades of the fashion industry. Even today the feminine silhouette is still the same as it was in 1947. The brand that Dior started became a real icon of femininity and holds on to that title till this day. When Dior died in 1957 he was one of the leaders of the fashion industry, causing labels like Chanel to be almost bankrupt. After his death, Yves Saint Laurent was promoted to artistic director of Maison Dior and guided the label trough the sixties and seventies.
 Unfortunately Dior also caused the weight-issue in the fashion world. In order to obtain such a thin waistline that was required for this new look, Vogue started the Diet X program in 1949. A 750-calorie-a-day regime that should be followed for 10 days to remain in shape for this look. As you can see the 'bar suit' (1947) in the picture at the top of this post shows an inhuman waistline. But on the other hand it still is an amazing look. This particular picture is (if you ask me) the most famous fashion-photo ever made. Even barbie received her own bar suit outfit in the 1980's.  

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