Look of the week

With all this rain pouring down from the sky, I’m looking forward to the summer. I’m sure I’m not the only one that could use a little ray of sun these days. So this look is from this summer’s Lanvin collection. It was shown last June during the mid fashion week in Paris. Though the colours of the show were quite dark, there were three or four suits that were amazingly bright and I really loved this one. I’m a big fan of the “double breasted” jackets . (Jackets with two rows of buttons) and I really like this colour. Double breasted blazers were very common in the twenties and early thirties of the last century. This typical blazer has something classy and that makes it easier to play with patterns and colours without looking like a country-fair clown. Yesterday I went shopping in The-Hague and I bought myself a pair of purple jeans. (In the sale of course!) Usually I’m not so fond of purple/pinky colours but I must say I really loved it. I use to think these colours were for old women and it made guys look way to girly, but my thoughts about these colours are definitely changing. Really bright colours are coming back this spring. And I’m not talking bright red or hard blue, I mean real fluorescent colours like yellow, turquoise and pink. Purple fits in that row I guess so that’s why I picked this look.  Ow now we are talking about shopping anyway. This afternoon ! went shopping on Amsterdam international airport. (IKNOW  it sounds crazy! why would you go shopping on an airport?) but I was told they had some really large and cool shops down there. I went to drop someone of so I thought ot myself: Why not give it a shot. Well I must say, I was not so well informed.  I admit, they had a lot of shops, but they were all very very small. Apart from the tie-shop and the HUGE H&M-accessories  shop (A must see for the ladies!) there weren’t any cool shops down there.