Queen wearing a headscarf: Respect or Rebellious??

Big trouble in our national parliament today. I think this is a situation were we could speak of a real "fashion crisis."

Our dutch queen is momentarily on a trip to Oman to visit the Sjeik Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahayan-mosque. She was invited by the Sjeik of Oman himself. She will visit Abu Dhabi and Dubai later this week. Yesterday when queen Beatrix, Prince Willem Alexander and his wife Maxima visited the mosque, out of respect to local costums ,the queen and princess were wearing a headscarf over their heads. The queen completed her look by wearing an Abaya. (A black robe covering her entire body.) And as always our parliament had something to complain about her outfit. Whiner of all Whiners Geert Wilders had to say something about her headscarf. Wilders, who is known for is anti-islam policy, said the headscarf is an symbol for the suppression of women in Islamic cultures. He suggested that our queen encouraged discrimination against women by wearing her headscarf. Maybe I don't have enough inside information on islamic cultures but in my opinion it's nonsense. The way I see it, is that it is part of their culture and i think our queen does nothing but respecting their customs. I'm very busy with my test week coming up but I thought I should write about this because it's about time we stop complaining about each other and about each others habits. Respect each others customs! Why can't we just wear what we want? Okay I'm not saying I encourage men to suppress their wives by making them wear a headscarf, but who are we to have any comments on that matter. Apart from that, a headscarf is not a specific islam icon. Many designers used a headscarf in their collections past decades. Our holy virgin mary is always covered in a blue robe whithout showing any hair. Above all, it was our own Johannes Vermeer who painted the beautiful "girl with a pearl earring" (wearing a headscarf) one of the most iconic paintings of the sixteenth  century. If our queen wants to wear a headscarf, just let her! And I must say she did an amazing job! At formal occasions the queen always wears a hat as a modern replacement for her crown. I simply love the way she combined her hat and her headscarf. The black abaya completes her whole outfit and I really like the whole "arabian nights" theme going on. But what do YOU think? Leave a comment in the box below. Is the queen in the right position to wear a headscarve or should she hold on to her dutch appearance, wearing nothing but her hat?