Yellow is one of the strangest colors I know. It's not a very pretty color and often people exclude yellow from their wardrobe. Nonetheless, it's the happiest color I know. A range of colors just isn't complete without yellow. A world without yellow would be a very sad one.
Most of the times when I wear these pants, I also wear my navy-trenchcoat. I somehow felt the need to wear my brown driving gloves with this coat, but obviously they didn't match my black shoes.
Oh no! He didn't!?
Yes, that's right. I did it. I committed a crime against fashion and broke the rules I once set for myself. 
The leather items you wear in one outfit, should always be color-coordinated. Always make sure you match brown with brown, and black with black. 
Luckily my shoes matched my bike and my gloves matched my schoolbag so today's look wasn't a complete disaster after all.

pants: H&M
blazer: Zara
t-shirt: WE
shoes: Manfield
pocketsquare: Vintage
schoolbag: Vintage
driving-gloves: H&M

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