Fireman by day, Ballet-dancer by night

In 1880 Vincent van Gogh decided he wanted to be an artist...

It's just as simple as that. One doesn't have to become an artist, learn about art or produce art. One can just be an artist. We can wake up one day, wondering what to do. We decide to shift our life in a whole new direction. If the world was just black and white, we could do something refreshing and different every single day, just by deciding we wanted it to be that way...
As I entered a Van Gogh exhibition today, the first line I read was the one at the top of this post. Now of course (sadly) that's not the way things work. Surely Van Gogh's decision was part of a process as well but the line itself made me think how cool it would be if we could just decide what we want our lives to look like from one day to another. Wouldn't it be cool to choose your profession during breakfast and be something completely different than you were the day before. Life would be so exciting! A fireman by day, ballet-dancer by night! Come on, you've got to admit, that's the title of an article, you'd surely read!
The idea sounds as if it's coming from a children's book, but I actually do know people who decided to change their profession every decennium, just have a little fun in their life.
I get bored very easily as well. That might have something to do with the fact, that the length of my attention-span is very similar to that of a goldfish's (6.2 seconds). But I do think the key to staying vital and lead a fascinating life, is to go with your instincts and just be however you want to be! Even if that means switching abruptly every now and then. 
I guess, what I'm trying to achieve with this blog is that people use their imagination more often. I'm hoping every one does something new and something completely different from time to time. Just for the fun of it. 
Most of all, I'd like to help you get your thoughts going. Let me be the start of your crazy, but exciting, new idea!

p.s. The drawing above was one of the drawings I made last night. I love drawing in the dark while listening to old crackling records with French-chansons. I just wanted to show them to you. Somehow, halfway through this post, I lost the connection between my story and the picture.
Again: the attention span of a goldfish...

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