Okay so a while ago I started to network a little bit. I started contacting other bloggers and on showing my site on forums as I wanted some more publicity for my blog. While I was working on it, I thought to myself, what better way to promote myself than using some social networking sites.
So from now on, Simply Style By Aldo has it's own facebook page:
So Thumbs up if you like my blog!! Leave your comments on my page or share your fashionable thoughts with me.
I also have my own SimplyStylish twitter account: 
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Believe me, I'm the worst social networker ever. It seems like facebook, twitter and my macbook are conspiring against me, cause I they're giving me a hard time connecting my blog and my accounts with each-other. Luckily, I'm learning fast. So click on the buttons on the sidebar on the right and start following.