Dandyism meets Feminism

While looking through my Vogue-Collections issue, I came across some interesting looks from the fall 2012 shows, hosted last February. Now of course all looks were amazing, but some really stood out. I saw some pretty cool things in multiple shows so I wanted to share these features...
While I should've been reading literature this summer, I've mostly been reading Vogues.
I mean let's face it: Vogue is the only literature we need. Enough wisdom on ever page!
Anyway the shows of Giorgio Armani(Milan) , Donna Karan(New York) and Maison Martin Margiela (Paris) really appealed to me. They all had these very playful masculine details, with a very feminine touch.

To start of with the Armani show.  They had these very cool combination of a brooch and a handkerchief placed on the torso, on the exact spot were a gentleman normally would have a pocket-square. The rectangular shapes of the brooches gave it a very clean abstract looks which created a contrast with the 'messy' handkerchief underneath it. Now of course I have a soft spot for any look that includes hats and/or gloves so I absolutely loved the show.

Next Maison Martin Margiela the show wasn't that special. I'm not so fond of the easy beige colors they used. I like bright hard contrasting colors, that's why I love the color-blocking trend so much. But they had some looks with these really high collars, covering almost half of the face of the models. I love the slightly arrogant look that comes with these high collars. It's like being afraid to show your skin to the outside world because they might smudge and smear your face. It looks a lot like an old 19th century dandy, like Beau Brummel
(Now If you consider yourself a gentleman and you don't know who he is: be very ashamed of yourself and go sit and cry in a dark little corner of the room.)

Last and certainly not least there's the Donna Karan line. I must admit that I haven't seen so many shows of her and I'm not a huge fan or anything but these looks were so cool. She restyled an entire gentleman's wardrobe and made it suitable for every stylish woman. She used pant-suits, pocket-squares and top hats. (She had me with the hats!) The thinga I like the most, were her collar-necklaces and her cuff-brachelets. Look at the white thing around the model's neck and the white things she wears around her wrists. Of course these pieces originally belong to a men's blouse but she used them as a decoration for her look. This kind of features are also often used by strippers and play-boy-bunnies, but Donna Karan gave them a playful twist. That way the models don't look like whores but like elegant and sophisticated women with some very, very cool accessories. 

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