Last night, Chanel launched their new advertising campaign for the most famous perfume of all times: Chanel No.5. And for the first time they chose a man to represent their fragrance: Brad Pitt. The first three videos above were just teasers. The fourth and video was released last monday. The last video is the latest update: It's the official Chanel No.5 short film for the next five years. 
Just see for yourself and create your own opinion. If you really want to know what I think, read the text below...
At first there's no doubt that this "short film" is incredibly short. 
The first time I saw it, I was like: "Seriously? This is it?"
But as you come to think of it, this video is a complete revolution. I fully understand why they stopped making short films like the one's starring Nicole Kidman or Audrey Tautou. It's almost impossible to re-create something like that and make it better than the last one. Plus, making a new better movie makes the last movies look bad. 
So it was about time they did something new. When you properly analyze the clip, you'll see that they did a great job making it. It's really hard to make a good-looking clip with nothing more than one person standing there, telling his story. You can say whatever you want but the lighting the simple background and (of course) Brad Pitt himself, they all look great. 
Making a simple clip look elegant and perfect is much harder to achieve than making a short film using hundreds of special effects. Actually I like the fourth clip, better than the last one. These pictures of all these women going crazy over Chanel No.5, It just doesn't add anything to the whole idea. Let's stick to the fourth video shall we..?
I like it that Chanel always tries to create something completely different. Something new. Something revolutionary.
Using so little to create so much.
Since No.5 has always been a revolutionary perfume, I think this video is just how Mademoissele Chanel would have liked it.
And last but not least: I must say, I am deeply in love with his voice. I can hear this video again and again and I'll never get tired of it...

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