Who says fashion and food can't go together? Apart from the fact that every fashionable person is super crazy thin and that most people in the industry eat nothing but raw veggies, fashion and food are a lot alike. They are both very desirable products, many people crave for fashion  the same way many others crave for food. Now I normally don't cook, bake or come anywhere NEAR a stove but yesterday was a turning point in my life. I found myself a recipe on pinterest and I just HAD to bake it. Check out the result below...

It was the first time in my life I actually baked a real cake. I might sound spoiled  but apart from all my creativity in art and fashion, I have not talent in cooking whatsoever. I love watching cooking-shows. Nigella Lawson is my goddess, Bree was certainly my favorite character on Desperate Housewives and I immediately fell in love with John Whaite on BBC's Great British Bake off. (Seriously, you should watch that stuff)
But apart from watching people making cakes and eating A LOT of cake, I never really made one before. Well sometimes I make those "add water only" brownie mixes with a lot of help from my great big friend Dr Oetker. I wanted to make my baking hero's proud so yesterday afternoon I decided it was time to change my life. 
It was a disaster. 
I seriously lack any talent of cooking. I don't know how people make it look so easy. It took me at least an hour to figure out what the volume of my springform pan was, let alone calculating how much flower I needed. The kitchen exploded. I was covered in buttercream. My parents became so grumpy that I wouldn't be surprised if they were splitting up any time soon.
One kilo butter, four bags of Maltesers, Two different spring-forms, one marriage and a whole lot of cacao later. I finally succeeded. I must admit I made myself a little happy-dance as I am super pleased with the result. I'll be tasting it tomorrow but judging from the taste of the dough, the crumbs, the buttercream and the Malteser's, this is going to be ONE BIG FAT YUMMY CAKE!

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