Return to sender

It's been a while since I did my last lookbook post. As I was browsing through my laptop I came across these old pictures so I wanted to share them.
The look is quite simple by itself. Black trousers are always safe, especially when you're mixing it with a rather bold daring colorful top.
Now to add a little something extra to this look, I wore my bow-tie. I got it from a very dear friend and I love it very much. It's a bit more "unique". Something different than those plain black and red bow-ties. Unfortunately, last Friday I found myself at a table with two gentlemen wearing the exact same polkadotted bow-tie. I'm afraid the dots aren't that special anymore. On the other hand this might be the perfect sign that bow-ties aren't un-cool anymore. Maybe I could start wearing bow-ties to school. This look above isn't that formal right? So wearing the tie on a normal day is totally possible. 
Hmmm Let's see what I'll be wearing tomorrow...

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