The Lovely Looks on Life

I've been thinking a lot lately. I actually blame the picture above. I love it. I'm so passionate about it. It is the prettiest picture I've ever seen (so far) and It always get's my thoughts going. Dreaming. Thinking.
About the future, about life and about "The big L." When you would have asked me last year what I was going to do with my future I would've been quite certain. But as my future is coming closer and closer, my plans are becoming vaguer and vaguer. Why is it that we are all looking forward to take that next step in life, why is it that we are all so exited about doing something new? What's up with the: "The world is moving, you've got to move with it"-spirit. Am I the only one who is a bit afraid of "change"?

I know things can't always stay the way as they are now. Everybody has been saying to me lately: There's nothing to worry about, you've got  a whole life ahead of you. I'm just wondering when that life is finally going to start. And most of all: how am I supposed to live that life? We've got only one life to live and we certainly don't want to waste it. As I once heard somebody saying: I'd rather regret the things I have done instead of regretting the things I haven't done. But we can't do everything in one lifetime. Time for the big cliche: Life really is too short! Who's helping us make the right choices? Why isn't there anybody out there, directing us in the right way. Some-one who knows what our right way is! And maybe I'm just being silly since I know that my problem is a luxury problem. There are plenty of people out there who would love to switch places with me and take every opportunity I already got handed to me.
There's so much more in life that I'd like to achieve If only I knew what and how? I've been watching a lot of movies and series past few weeks and I recently read a lot of inspiring books and all I long for is to live that glamourous life! I want to kiss my great love on an airstrip in Casablanca. I want to steal silly animal-masks and go buy a silver telephone dialer at tiffany's. I want to stroll down the boulevards of Paris or rush down the New-York subway. I want to dance at the Casino de Deauville. Run through the rain without being afraid of getting wet.
Yet all I'm doing, is dreaming about that life, while sitting behind my laptop, writing a silly little blog, not knowing If that life is ever going to happen for me. But one can always dream right? Well, actually, I think you're only allowed to dream as long as you keep working as hard as possible to make that dream come true. And to be honest: That's not what I've been doing recently. This blog is such a great way to write how I feel and I hope I don't bore you with my hopeless epistles.
Eventually the worst thing to do is procrastinate living your life because you're to busy figuring out how to live it. You might end up not living your life at all! Oh gosh what a frightening Idea. Why don't we all just take that time to get moving...

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