It was like Stalin all over again

I thought it would be time to create another lookbook look so here is it. Ever since I bought my new coat about a month ago I felt like a communist spy. And I always keep my Iphone secretly in the little notebook I'm holding in the pic, so that's the inspiration for this look.
I loved this Grey Trench coat after moment I first tried it on past september. Although it took me six months to buy it, I still love it! It's so simplistic and grey, it made me think of Stalin. On the other hand, it is the perfect color to dress down all the bright colored trousers I'm wearing nowadays. And above all, it perfectly matches the sunglasses I bought last Saturday.
Ow and then my other little spying gadget, my moleskin-Iphone case. I'm a big fan of moleskin books. I normally use them to make my drawings in. They're just so neat, clean and sophisticated. They make me feel like a real dandy. Anyway, I cut out al the pages and put my Iphone in there. Now I've got the coolest Iphone-case in town and I have the possibility secretly text people in class. (Not that I take advantage of that.) (Okay I admit: I DO take advantage of that.) The idea of this booklet wasn't mine though, Internet was my great source 
of inspiration! What do you think?