Simply Spending the Saturday: Amsterdam Trip

Yesterday I had an amazing Saturday. (Again!) So I thought, why not make it intoa little column: Simply Spending the Saturday. Oh and don't forget to check out all the amazing events of yesterday, after the jump.
So yesterday I finally went to the IJhallen in Amsterdam. It's the biggest monthly flea-market in our country. Pure heaven for any vintage lover. Although I didn't find any suitable clothing I bought myself another suitcase (pic. 2)for my final art piece. And I found the most perfect sunglasses ever seen(pic. 5). I've been searching for this particular model for quite a while now, but the glasses were always to small. (Well, I guess my face is to big..., But still, pretty annoying) I finally found the right size. I also bought some old vinyl records (pic. 4) and a "Too Late"-watch(pic.6). Too late watches have been popular for a long time now but I always found them a bit too expensive for such a tiny wrist band. Plus, if I buy them in one color, I also want all the other colors to match your different watches to your different outfits. Just like the classic swatch watches: I'd immediately buy all the available colors. Luckily they were on sale now, and for only 10 euro's I couldn't leave them behind.
While walking back to the central station we came across this huge pillow-fight, in the middle of the centre-square of Amsterdam (pic. 1, 7 & 8). Feathers were everywhere and all the people were laughing and having fun, it totally made my day!
Now how was your saturday?