Simply Spending the Saturday: Old-timer Rally

As I came to think of it, my Saturdays are quite eventful recently. Anyway, today we went on a little Trip with our Old-timer camper-van. It's a 1978 Peugeot J7. (In the lowest picture)
It was quite exciting. As always, old cars are a bit moody. They run very easily, or they don't run at all. (And very often It's latter option). Luckily everything ran smooth today so it was no problem at all. Probably because we had it checked at the garage a week before, but it's always a surprise. 
The term "rally" sounds more exciting then it really was. Basically it was a nice collection of circa hundred cars driving trough the countryside. It may sound a bit dull, that would explain why there were so many ancient grandpa's driving around in their ancient cars. 
But I must say, these grandpaps had some "sweet rides". Check the pictures I took above. As far as I'm a car lover (which I'm totally NOT!) I really liked what I saw. Maybe, after all, I really am that kind of car loving manly-man.
once a year...