Fashion Classics: Time magazine's all time 100 icons

What do these faces above have in common? They're all mentioned on the list of lists. Today Time magazine published it's list of all time 100 fashion icons. This list is published and adjusted once a year and all over the world people are fighting for a spot on the list. 
See who's on it (and who's not, ghehe!)
Time magazine is concidered one of the most influential magazines in the world so obtaining a spot in "THE list" is quit a big deal.
Check the list at
Every year the list is refreshed with new style icons, but without forgetting the old icons.
People like Louis Vuitton, Coco Chanel are mentioned on the list of lists in fashion world. Unfortunately, no dutch people are featured on the list this year. Of course we're not that talented but I think people like Viktor&Rolf or Lucas Ossendrijver (Head designer of Lanvin's menswear department) are should be mentioned on the list. 
Nonetheless some very cool idols of mine are within this year's top 100. 
Josephine Baker, one of my favorite musicians, was well-known in the 1920's for her controversial outfits. Of course all-time hero Louis Vuitton is on the list. And Queen of all stylist Patricia Field is one of the top stylists mentioned on the list. WELL DAH! She styled the whole sex-and-the-city series and movies, she worked on "the devil wears prada", did "confessions of a shopaholic" and my personal favorite: "Ugly Betty." She is such an inspiring woman and a great example for me. I just wish once I could be as big as she is now. 
This list is of great meaning to the fashion industry, it shows us who's in and who's out.
Hope I could be mentioned on that list one day...