Coming up: Musa Classic

It's the second time this year, we're hosting the Musa-Classic evening. Check out the first event here. As I told you many times before, I'm in our student-council and I'm in charge of making the grand announcement posters. So this time I tried to go for a little touch of 1910's art-nouveau. I tried using a bit of natural colors, green and goldish-yellow. And I also focused on the characters' design. But those to colors were to neutral and The poster wasn't very easy to read so I decided to go and add another color: Red.
Sadly it didn't work out to well. It still has the art-nouveau theme, but in my opinion it looks more like a 1920's circus advertisement. You know, those vintage fancy carnival posters. Not that I don't like those posters, I love them! But It wasn't the effect I was aiming for.
Well, better luck next time...
Let me know what you think of my posters?