Do it yourself suspenders

Here's another lookbook-look of me, with my new home-made suspender bag. I matched the Bordeaux tartan trousers and shirt that I have, with the old 1920's suspenders.
I'm a big fan of people who use things for something the weren't really made for. I know it sounds a little bit vague. (It sounds really vague) But take for example these suspenders. They're almost 80 years old. My grandma found them in her attic and gave them to me, so I decided to do something creative with it. I sewed six buttons on this plain old linnen bag and I attached the suspenders. The leather was a bit worn-out so I had to improvise with some safety-pins. I think the effect is quite funny. I really like making things yourself.
First of all you'll be able to wear your homemade stuff with pride. You can tell everyone: "Yep, that's me, I made it, all by myself. My Idea, My creation." 
Second, you will have something nobody else has. Your own unique product. Even if it's something as simple as this little bag,