Fashionably late on every occasion

I just love pocket watches. Altough they're a tiny bit outdated and they make you look a tad like a freakish Charles-Dickens-loving nerd, I still love them. Now my dad brought me the perfect combination of an old pocket watch mixed with the right amount of modern style. Check out the most awesome watch-label I've seen in a very long time..
In my opinion, the pocket-watch is the ultimate accessory for a dandy or any other kind of fashionisto. Sadly,  they often remind me of grumpy grandpa's in poorly matched tartan blazers. So as you might understand I was more then happy when I got this amazing modern bright blue pocket-watch.
Full spot is an Italian firm, making the most amazing watches in every color you can possibly think of. I just love it that they made it so easy to combine lots of different clocks with different straps, for such a reasonable price. You can buy clocks in all different colors. To hold these clocks onto your wrist, you can buy straps separately, also available in all kind of colors. That way you can easily mix and match your watch to your outfit. The perfect solution to be fashionably late on every occasion. Plus, they are packed in shoe-polish-cans or tuna-fish-tins.
The straps cost six euro each and the prices for the clock it self vary from nineteen euros up to  twenty-nine euros. As you might know, I'm a big fan of bright colored watches and these ones are a lot cheaper then the ones made by swatch. Full spot also got featured in several magazines like Vogue Italy and Spanish Elle.
My dad brought me my pocket-watch from a city trip to Portugal, but they're also available online, altough I'm not sure wheter they deliver outside of Italy or not?