Last Thursday was the first edition of Dutch Vogue's Fashion's night out. And as a lover of everything-fashionable, I saw it as my duty to attend the party. The initiative of creating an event just to celebrate fashion is such a great idea. I had a great time...
First we started with an afternoon playing dress-up. Next we hurried to catch our train, since the event was held in Amsterdam. While walking past the people on the streets, we felt very VERY overdressed but as soon as we entered the Bijenkorf (some sort of a much smaller dutch version of Harrods) we were set at rest because the rest of the people were very fancy-dressed as well.
We were immediately lured into the Louis Vuitton shop where we were treated with a starter glass of champagne. Next stop was the Chanel-stand were my friends tested the latest Chanel-Rouge. We watched fashion-shows, a documentary on Diana Vreeland, had a taste of some very good belgian chocolate next to one of the biggest chocolate fountains I've ever seen. I had my first ride in a real NYC-yellow cab. We had champagne at Hermes and Jimmy Choo. There were free gifts, samples, dj's, parties, fashion-victims everywhere! It was just so cool to see those fashionista's in their amazing outfits. Plus: Those male Tommy-Hilfiger models were both very handsome and very helpful at the taxi pick-up point. (Mostly helpful, of course...) I just loved the atmosphere of all those amazing people and everybody was having a great time. 
I wore my new shoes which really hurt because the leather was still way to tight. Of course I was not in a position to complain as my companions were all wearing 13 cm heels. But I must say we (including me) were very relieved when we took off our shoes, on our way back home.
Luckily I was wearing my polka-dotted socks...
Thank you, Vogue, for this amazing night! It was an amazing start of what will hopefully become, a great tradition.