FAB | The small tricks to shoe polishing

I thought it was about time to show I'd show you guys and girls how to take care of your shoes. properly. After giving you some basic tips about different types of shoes and how to wear them. Make no mistake, women often think that only men have to polish their shoes. But, women, please be sure to take care of your boots and shoes too, every once in a while. Here's how to do it...

Now shining your shoes isn't that hard. It doesn't cost you a lot of time and you'll immediately notice the results. Just take those fifteen minutes every once in a while to give your darlings a little extra attention. A properly shined shoe looks so much better than a filthy one. A clean spotless shoe can be the finishing touch on your outfit (or the thorn in the flesh if not cleaned well!). Remember, it's all about the details. 
Now here are some small tips that you won't find in the pictures below:
  • Stuff your shoes with old newspapers when you're going to shine them. This way, the shape of the shoe won't be altered and you'll be able to polish even in the tiniest leather wrinkles. 
  • Almost every supermarket or drugstore sells these little sponges that make your shoes shine extra. They don't cost a thing and they'll be coming in very handy on those hasty mornings when you don't have time to polish them completely. Just rub them over real quick. You'll be able to see yourself in the point of your shoe. Now wouldn't that be something!?
Now go on dear, make it shine!

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