You can't hurry love

Today was the first real day of summer wheater. I wore two almost completely different outfits. I started of with this warm ensemble. The trousers are by Lanvin and they're made of seersucker. It's a very light material so your legs stay cool all the time. The perfect solution for a that hot day when you can't wear short because of the occasion you're attending. Anyway as soon as I had set a foot outside I knew this would be the first day of the year that I was going to wear shorts. 

The last two weeks were killing. I've had enough tests for the rest of my life. I was so busy studying, but most of all procrastinating my studying. Nonetheless I had no time for blogging at all! Which is a pity, because I truly wore some ravishing outfits past two weeks. I just love to look well dressed. When you get the outfit right, you're already halfway there! Now I've only got one test to go: French. Which should be easy.
So today I finally found the time to read a good book again. I changed quickly into some shorts, packed my picnic-basket and drove of to the park. There I found out, it was still to hot so my vest (which I made myself by the way) came off in no time. I couldn't take of any more clothes because that would have made it a strip-tease. But I'm certainly glad the weather is changing. Of course this also means that the regular boys' board-shorts soon will be on full display, but I'll write about that another time...
For now, I'm of rubbing my face with after-sun-lotion. Because I think I got a little sun-burned. 

Trousers - Lanvin for H&M
Vest - Hand-made by me
blouse - Vintage
shoes - Manfield

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